Michigan Pace

Michigan PACE Energy Program, L3C was formed in 2011 as an incubator company at the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (MAREC) in Muskegon Michigan to facilitate awareness, educate, train and provide implementation assistance for stakeholders interested in pursuing a PACE finance program.

The program has a significant advantage over most upstarts in that authoritative guidance has already been developed from the White House, DOE and Michigan state law. This company takes a liaison role between education, finance and business application, monetizing the need for expert analysis, accounting and monitoring.

The PACE program is law in Michigan (PA 270 effective 12/14/10). It allows municipalities to include renewable energy installations on property tax bills.


The potential customer base is measured by residential and business customers in Michigan, however due to concerns about the PACE program for residences our focus is only on business users. There are 209,751 businesses with employees in Michigan, most of them potential PACE customers


According to the Governor, the energy package protects Michigan ratepayers' money by ensuring that the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies will save more money than they cost. This energy efficiency requirement is projected to save consumers and businesses $1.04 billion a year by 2025.


Municipalities across the state are looking at PACE.  The Michigan PACE Energy Program offers community leaders the support they need to understand PACE, educate community leadership and constituents on its benefits and finally assist in implementation of a PACE program.  Contact us today for a free no cost, no obligation PACE assessment.  The questionnaire takes about 5 minutes to complete and will give you a concrete assessment of whether PACE might be right for your community.